The worlds most expensive… 
1967 SEAT 850 Coupe ? 
Provenance documentation & footnotes
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Emilio Azcárraga  
Background information 
Emilio Azcárraga's California DMV registration
Emilio Azcárraga's insurance card.
Hollywood Chevron invoice for smog check.
Copy of Hollywood Chevron service station receipt for smog  
certification dated 3-9-93. Mileage listed as 89,202 kilometers. 
 Mileage is 89,900k as of 11-11-99, meaning the car has traveled 
only 434 miles since 1993, or an average of 72 miles per year.
Hill & Vaughn progress report on the car's restoration.
Photo of body work-in-progress at Hill & Vaughn
Photo of engine compartment during Hill & Vaughn restoration.
Hill & Vaughn delivery inspection checklist.

Paula Cussi  
Background information 
  • Link - New York MET Costume Gala, 1998
  • Link - Fashion Planet Report
  • Link - Latino Link: Modern Mexican Museum
  • Link - Alta-Vista search results for Paula Cussi

    Paula Cussi's inital California DMV registration.
    Paula Cussi's last California DMV registration for the Seat.
    Paula Cussi's last insurance card for the car.
    Copy of Paula Cussi's California DMV title.
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